Saturday, November 28

nose / knows (homophone)

knows nose homophone

kn = /n/ (silent k)
Jumble Spelling #8 (8-4: kn)
• ABC Fun Cards (small) (large) #2 (2-6: kn)

o_e: long o sound
• ABC Fun Cards (small) (large) #22 (22-4: o_e)

Saturday, November 21

Thanksgiving: giving thanks

Thank someone:
“Thank the moon, thank the sun.
Most of all, thank someone.
Thank the stars high above,
One for everyone you love.”

thanksgiving thanks
Giving thanks every day

Wednesday, November 18

Thanksgiving and turkeys

Turkeys are not thankful.
thanksgiving turkey turkeys
thanksgiving turkey gobble

The Little Girl and the Turkey (by Dorothy Aldis)

The little girl said
As she asked for more:
"But what is the Turkey
Thankful for?"

Point of View (by Shel Silverstein)

Thanksgiving dinner's sad and thankless
Christmas dinner's dark and blue
When you stop and try to see it
From the turkey's point of view.

Sunday dinner isn't sunny
Easter feasts are just bad luck
When you see it from the viewpoint
Of a chicken or a duck.

Oh how I once loved tuna salad
Pork and lobsters, lamb chops too
Till I stopped and looked at dinner
From the dinner's point of view.

Jumble Spelling #16 (16-5: ur)
• ABC Fun Cards (small) (large) #19 (19-5: ur)

Jumble Spelling #11 (11-6: ey)
• ABC Fun Cards (small) (large) #22 (22-6: ey)

Peanuts comic strip (1)
Peanuts comic strip (2)
Peanuts comic strip (3)
Peanuts comic strip (4)

Saturday, November 14

Wednesday, November 11

fair & square

fair and square

* “air” and “are” sound the same
Jumble Spelling #18 (18-1: air; 18-2: are)
• ABC Fun Cards (small) (large) #21 (21-1: air; 21-2: are)

Sunday, November 8

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