Wednesday, August 30

leak & leek (homophones)

leak leek homophones

Long e sound: ea & ee

Jumble Spelling #13 (13-3: ea)
• ABC Fun Cards (small) (large) #11 (11-3: ea)

Jumble Spelling #13 (13-4: ee)
• ABC Fun Cards (small) (large) #11 (11-4: ee)

mb = /m/ (silent b)
• ABC Fun Cards (small) (large) #2 (2-4: mb)

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Friday, August 25

English letter frequency

In English the letter "e" is the most common vowel. Other common letters include t, a, o, i, and n.

E  e
T  t
A  a
O  o
I  i
N  n
S  s
R  r
H  h
L  l
D  d
C  c
U  u
M  m
F  f
P  p
G  g
W  w
Y  y
B  b
V  v
K  k
X  x
J  j
Q  q
Z  z

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Wednesday, August 9

ant & antique

ant antique

✓ The letter q is almost always followed by the letter u.
qu is pronounced like /kw/
✓ /k/ (que at the end of a word)
• ABC Fun Cards (small) (large) #17: q

Jumble Spelling #12 (12-1: an)
• ABC Fun Cards (small) (large) #10 (10-1: an)

Wednesday, August 2